Big Sky Country


January 07, 2022 Bush Heritage Australia Season 1
Big Sky Country
Show Notes

Big Sky Country takes you deep into the bush to hear the sounds of hope.  

Join conservation organisation Bush Heritage Australia to travel this vast country: from the eucalypt woodlands of Dja Dja Wurrung country in central Victoria, to the woodland forests and grassy plains of central Arnhem Land.

Meet the people on ground who are experts in ecology, culture, conservation and country. Learn about seasons and ceremony, teeny tiny fish and phascogale sex, and the sounds a tree makes when it dies.

Hear the untold wonders of this precious and sometimes precarious land. And take the time to listen to the people who are protecting it against a barrage of ever-growing threats.

Big Sky Country launches Thursday January 27 2022.

Theme music by The Orbweavers

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